Working from Home?

MARCH 24, 2020: Many of us are now working at home. In today’s digital world it is so much easier to stay connected. Working from home can be a rewarding and liberating experience.

We found these tips online, gathered from successful at-home life insurance agents and other work at home professionals.

  • Make a dedicated working area inside your home, an area that is only for work.
  • Setup a schedule for prospecting and client calls.
  • Establish your goals and track them.
  • Nurture relationships with your clients with periodic check-ins.
  • Market your business.
  • Use software when possible to make work easier.

You won’t be having in-person meetings, therefore, use the telephone and video conferencing when appropriate.

If you have a team, keep them as safe as possible. Communicate as much as possible to help employees continue to feel connected.

Use Instant Messaging services, video calling services like Google Hangouts Meet or Skype, and GoToMeeting or Zoom for client or team meetings.

Check-in periodically with your team and talk through how remote work is going and what support you can provide.

At National Catholic Society of Foresters (NCSF) we continue to work and support our members, agents, and employees. Call us with any questions you may have.