NCSF Prayer Network

At NCSF we believe that Prayer is a powerful force at our disposal to help calm ourselves, communicate with others and to keep a sense of community. One of the best ways we can build community is by praying together, so we are inviting you to join us in a weekly prayer for the intentions of our members, family, and friends.

Pope Francis has said:

  • Although at times it seems that “so many of our prayers seem to have no result,” Christians are called by Christ to “insist and not give up.”
  • “Prayer always changes reality, let us not forget that: It either changes things or changes our hearts, but it always changes,” he said.
  • When life seems incomprehensible, prayer “is ultimately the victory over loneliness and despair” because God is always present.

Complete the form below and submit prayer requests below. Share the link with family and friends that you think may want to join.

We will send you an email for weekly calls to prayer via Zoom where we will pray for intentions of our members.

If you can’t join the Zoom call, feel free to say the prayer we send you at your convenience.