NCSF Scholarship Deadline Extended: February 28, 2018

The deadline for scholarship applications has been extended this year to February 28, 2018. Applications for our scholarship programs can be downloaded from NCSF’s website at the top of every web page! Or you can call (800) 344-6273.

Scholarships are competitive and recipients are selected based on scholastic achievements, character, service to community and school, and the quality of a written essay.

COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS*: NCSF awards four-year scholarships. Each scholarship totals $4,000 with $1,000 paid each year that the student is continually enrolled and meets all academic requirements. Student-applicants must be high school seniors. Seniors by definition are students who will graduate in the year the scholarship will be awarded.

IN-COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS*: In-College scholarships are two-year scholarships available to students who have completed one or more years of undergraduate college coursework. Applicants cannot be a recipient of an NCSF college scholarship or occupational training scholarship. In-college scholarships are for $1,000 each year for a maximum of $2,000 over two years.

OCCUPATIONAL TRAINING SCHOLARSHIPS*: Occupational training scholarships are for $500 a year for a maximum of $1,000 over two years of study. Applicants may be high school seniors or students/adults returning to school who meet all admission requirements of the accredited schools they plan to attend. They are intended for students pursuing a technical training program for semiprofessional occupations or vocational programs in skilled occupations. This program is not intended for those seeking a bachelor’s degree.

* National Catholic Society of Foresters awards scholarships to beneficial NCSF members to help defray the cost of their education. The applicant must be a beneficial member of the Society two full years by application deadline. Certificates must be in force and active. National Catholic Society of Foresters reserves the right to change or discontinue these programs at any time.