Lock In! 3.25% 5-Year MYGA

NOVEMBER 3, 2020: We are excited to announce our NEW Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA)1, 3.25%2 rate for 5 years! Lock in your hard earned money.

A Great Way to Increase Yield – Set it and Forget it

This product provides guaranteed positive returns, safely eliminating market risk and volatility. It’s designed to ensure your client’s financial future. The 5-Year MYGA offers tax-deferred guaranteed account value growth. The tax deferred interest is compounded on an annual basis.

  • Renews at competitive rate

  • Funds grow tax-deferred

  • Taxed only when money is withdrawn

  • Safe and secure

  • Our portfolio contains high quality investments


Issue Ages 0-854
3.25% 5-Year Interest Rate
1.00% Minimum Guaranteed Rate
$5,000 – $250,000 Premium

Choose One or More Riders

  • 10% free withdrawal every year

  • RMD withdrawal amount each year

  • Accumulated interest withdrawal

  • Surrender charges waived if confined to a nursing home

  • Enhanced death benefit – surrender charge waived


Please feel free to reach out to our sales department with questions at sales@ncsf.com or contact your Sales Rep at 800-344-6273: Glenn Hacker ext. 236, Rick Hill ext. 225, or Donna Carling ext. 220.

Interest rates effective November 1, 2020 and subject to change. Products/features may not be available in all states. Image from Freepik. 1) 20MYGA Plan Series 2) Guaranteed interest rate for 5 years; minimum guaranteed interest rate 1% after year 5. 3) No more than $250,000 in total NCSF annuity contributions per household. 4) Call the Home Office for ages over 85.