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AUGUST 3, 2020: How do you make an impact? Have you donated to your parish — or collected food for your community pantry or donated clothes? Have you participated in a local clean-up group or community runs? Have you always wanted to? Well, we can help!

A Pop-Up Impact Team may be formed by a National Catholic Society of Foresters’ (NCSF) policy owner (beneficial member) who is not currently in an active Court or Impact Team. These members (age 16+) may gather their friends and family together to create an event twice a year. Participants do not need to be members of NCSF, they simply need to help their project leader (member) and contribute their time and talent to make a difference in their community.

NCSF will provide a customized kit of resources to kick-start the fundraiser or service project. The Pop-Up Impact Team box will contain t-shirts, banners, and other appropriate marketing materials along with a $250 pre-paid VISA card for seed money for event costs.

Choose a Project:

  • The project must benefit the community where the beneficial member project initiator lives, works, or worships.
  • NCSF Pop-Up Impact Teams are not intended to be self-benefiting for the member or their immediate family. The event must benefit a cause, community need, or others in need.
  • NCSF Pop-Up Impact Teams cannot be “donated” to others for implementation.
  • Policy-owning member leaders need to actively participate in the implementation of the event.
  • Volunteers (your friends and family) must be contributing time and talent to make a difference in the community.
  • Submit an Application for your event and Summary form.

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Photo by Anna Earl on Unsplash