COVID-19 Update To Our Members, Agents And Partners

MAY 8, 2020:  A Special Message from CEO Lisa Bickus

During this unprecedented time and extremely difficult situation due to coronavirus (COVID -19) nothing is more important to NCSF than its members. Now more than ever we are committed to serving our membership. Supporting our members, agents and partners during this critical time is our highest priority.

Over almost 130 years, our Society on many occasions has faced and survived crises that affected our nation and even the world. Through the tough times, our faith, values, and financial strength has helped us endure.

NCSF is a financially strong, safe, and secure Society, well-positioned to fulfill our obligations to our members. We have sound and conservative long-term investment strategies. We do not take risks. We act in the best interest of our members. We remain committed and responsible to our membership.

Please be assured that during this time of uncertainty we continue to remain operational. Our entire team is always ready to support and assist you.

As a member and purpose driven organization, we want to maintain your confidence and trust. We are committed to fulfilling our mission.

Our communication team will keep you updated on NCSF news. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of calm and confidence that the trust you place in us is taken very seriously.

Though we are living in a time of uncertainty, it is important to remember what matters most and what inspires us is the good work that all of you do.

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by COVID-19. We also applaud and support our heroes on the front lines.

Let us all stay connected like never before. May God bless you and your family.


Lisa Bickus, CEO

National Catholic Society of Foresters