6 Tips to Excel in Remote Selling

Are you conducting business via phone, video or email? Use these six tips to excel!

  • USE YOUR VOICE: When your client is not in the same room with you, your voice takes center stage. Speak clearly and confidently. To establish rapport, use an upbeat, friendly, warm and inviting tone.


  • SMILE: Stand up while speaking and smile as you talk. The smile will come through in your voice. Practice in front of a mirror until you can do all this naturally.


  • PAUSE: You have no visual cues from your client when you speak on the phone. Therefore, pause for a couple of seconds after the client has spoken. This avoids the possibility of cutting them off.


  • LISTEN: When you speak, match the customer’s tone, style and pace.


  • PAUSE: A script can help keep you on track. Put in pauses, remember that a clients’ attention may drift if the call isn’t interactive.


  • PROOF: When using e-mail, match the customer’s tone and length of text. Use bullet points for important steps or information. Choose your words carefully. Spell check and read again before hitting send.